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Since I apparently HAVE to ask a question: You are one of very few actors to be able to balance wholesome roles with gritty roles and comedy, what has the transition between the two been like over your career? Why do you think you were able to make the transition while others haven't?

P.S. I really just wanted to say: thank you for bringing so many great memories to my childhood and adulthood.

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Yes, sir...It is definitely after the classic Bruce Willis movie. And Danny Tanner was a special person to grow up watching as a kid, I'm glad people take the time out to thank you for doing such an amazing job with a special show. P.S. We can definitely tell you give it your all in any role you do (even Half Baked is pure gold), so thanks.

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They won't ignore the call and will still show up to your house, but they will have a better idea of who you are and that it is likely a fake call which can help the situation I'm guessing.

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How can America help countries crack down on crime and poverty which seems to be the root cause of migration in the first place? Why not get to the root of the problem rather than creating costly issues once they are forced to come here?

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What can we do as citizens to help service members when they return from war//battle? What do you think most citizens don't understand about those who have served?