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Have you found that your research into the podcast episodes has changed how you view current events? And do you find yourself linking any of the current trends in the news to specific things you’ve included in the podcasts?

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You've (personally) avoided a lot of the media attention & wealth that major tech personalities tend to attract. It feels to me like you could be much richer (but maybe I have this wrong) – Have you ever found it a challenge not to monetise your work to a higher degree in the past for the personal security high wealth would bring you & your family?

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Would you agree that having access to accurate sources of information is only part of the battle and that people's desire for information which supports their pre-existing biases means they might not want to read Wikitribune in the first place if it doesn't conform to their vision of the world? Also, does it worry you that the people who are going to fund you are likely already fairly media savvy and able to find the truth in the news?

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Oh I get that, you're obviously not on the breadline! I guess I was wondering if you've ever had moments in your life where you've knowingly turned away from a route that would lead to higher earnings in order to keep your quality of life higher & focus on those interesting things you mentioned? Do you ever find those moments challenging?