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What's your evidence for this please?

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Absolutely fucking nailed it.

This thread alone is absolutely flooded with US bots, and even worse, brainwashed Americans who have been conditioned to repeat this propaganda.

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It's our Elizabeth, as in exactly our Elizabeth, she's just older now. He said this in an interview thing a while back.

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I get that the term "assault weapon" is stupid and fearmongering, and must be super annoying for responsible gun owners, but you've got to meet skeptics half way and realise that these guns are obviously not designed for hunting.

There's a reason the military uses so many AR-15 variants and derivatives. "Assault weapon" is misleading but serves a purpose to separate from something like a Mini 14 or something.

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This is the most blatant fucking ad I've ever seen. Some guys Most of the comments in this thread have flat-out admitted they asked questions on behalf of the studio.

Did the mods all get coronavirus? Where are they?