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The one thing you would change in the world if you could ? big or small.

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It's not the whole deaf community's opinion. Being part of the community and hearing the personal opinions of parents and children with partial and complete hearing loss. If the parents are both deaf it seams illogical to get a implant, the child won't be communicating verbally at home and within the community. The implant's don't have that high of a success rate (particularly in a all deaf family), many parents don't want to risk the child's health and well-being.

I met two boys who had implants, the family weren't happy with the result, they were having so much difficulty the parents had sent them to a deaf school. Neither of the boys relied on the implant as it was not as successful a medium as sign language. Both boys had hearing parents and siblings.

Many of my friends didn't want to undergo a operation, and a few weren't able to anyway as their odds for success were considered low at the time.

I would liken it to having someone approaching you and saying "hey, I have the ability to taste and smell colour, you should taste and smell colour too". Some people would jump on that opportunity regardless of the risks other people would say "well, none of my friends or family can taste and smell colour, I don't think its worth having my skull drilled and years of smell and taste training with constant testing. I have been completely functioning and fine without it." Many of my deaf friends would listen to music still, you can feel the vibrations of the music. You can still feel pain if someone shouts in your ears and when there's feedback in a speaker.

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on reddit you can NSFW touching themselves, NSFW a melting pot of stuff, can you view those on GG?

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Do you feel ashamed of the body you have now?

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You have mentioned religious counselling but not professional. Are you seeing a reputable and qualified member of the medical and psychological field?