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You also look pretty fucking suspicious robbing a bank, too...

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Legit answer is memorizing his lines from the script. How each actor goes about doing this is usually different (everyone has a technique, and some, like an old buddy of mine, have such a great memory that they can do the whole "look at it once and have it down verbatim" thing). For me, though, it's almost exactly like Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs when he's learning the commode story: reading the monologue out loud over and over again, memorizing small chunks at a time, and then combining them together until you've got the whole thing.

During this time, I've found (and so have others who do it this way) that doing small, menial things that focuses your brain helps in the recall (not unlike meditation) or from just getting bored as you sometimes have to really concentrate on the cadence of each sentence to get it down (memorizing Shakespeare can be a bitch in this regard, especially if you're out of practice).

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You just standing in front of a mirror:

“All in favor, say ‘aye.’”


“All opposed, say ‘nay.’”


“And since this is a ceremonial vote, and only my word matters, the measure passes!”

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The CIA may kill you, but the IRS will destroy your very being.

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I mean, with the way they treated the two of them in that meeting, I imagine he gets endless satisfaction pointing this out.