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thegeorgianwelshman1 karma

Got a question about (extremely) hard water and one particular product: Ammo Hydrate.

I have a black e46---soft paint---and I live in New Mexico, with lots of dust and, in my town, very very hard water. Like maybe the hardest water of any place I've ever lived or heard of.

Trouble is, after I wash the car and apply Ammo Hydrate while drying, the car develops ASTONISHING streaks. It looks like my paint is made out of corduroy, it's so severe.

I talked quite a bit to Larry, the Ammo guy, about it and he was convinced that the problem was with my paint, not the product. But then I washed the car using a hoseless humectant (Ammo Frothe) and bottled water and the problem went away entirely.

Larry is still convinced that Hydrate used with hard water is not the problem.

So my question is: have you ever encountered something like this? Getting terrible results from applying a product of that kind to a car with soft paint while using very hard water?