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"I feel so much pity for you, LD. I have a much different view of pedophilia than most. I understand it is an attraction that you can’t help. I think it’s incredibly disgusting, but I understand it. It was the way that you dealt with that attraction that sickens me the most. You had the option to get help. You had the option to NOT do those things to an innocent child. You had the power to teach me love instead of hate. You had the power to learn who I was instead of turning me into someone with no reason of being. You abused that power. You used that power to degrade and brutalize me in the worst ways that I could ever imagine." I have a lot of respect for you for understanding that pedophilia is a sickness, and to feel pity for your stepfather. To me, this shows that your healing process has come a long way. My question is what do you think would be an effective way to deal with people with this inclination, and to stop these sorts of awful crimes before they happen? Thanks for doing this AMA, you did the right thing by coming forward.