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Will you be voting in the Hello Internet Flag Referendum? If so, are you willing to reveal your top choice?

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I'm sure /u/jeffdujon and /u/mindofmetalandwheels eagerly await your response.

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Gary, I'm a junior at Ohio University, and I really dig what you've got going on at Vaynermedia. What should I be doing to prepare to apply with you guys after graduation, and how do you get so much young talent on your team? Also, I turned 21 a couple months ago and am looking to grow my wine palette. Suggestions?

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Anthony, as a geeky teen in a series of unfortunate relationships I really loved your memoir "Without You". It was a powerful reminder that there is a life after whatever bad circumstance you find yourself in at the moment. Thanks for that.

You've done a lot of different types of work over the years. Have you ever had a year where you just felt stagnant? Is that when you've pursued other things? How do you decide to transition to something else?

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You've done "Wait, Wait" in a number of venues. What's the strangest one you've ever been in (with this or any other show)?