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I'm trying not to use the phrase Karen anymore, after reading an article recently about how women are the least likely to complain and it's basically used as a sexist phrase to put down strong women who speak up.

But in this case, she was definitely a Karen!

Here's the article;


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Hahaha that gave me a good laugh!

Sorry for the delay in answering, we just got our first care package full of cleaning supplies so we are cleaning the room from top to bottom right now!

The mood is good right now. Some anxiety and fear creeps in a bit but trying to stay positive. The world is in this together and us being here is just a small part of that. For us three it's been real positive. We haven't been interacting with others.

But we're in some group chats and some people are with real negative people.

We had an entitled white woman on our bus last night who was almost demanding to speak to the manager! She stormed off at one point and we haven't seen her since. I don't think she was expecting this. We were. She definitely had a bit of money.

So everyone is dealing with it differently. Gotta manage your expectations.

Saying that, it's day 1 lol, so we'll see how we go!

Thanks for the question. And the laugh!

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No, but we brought books/kindle, have phones, computer and are having some more books dropped off. We can receive packages and food/drink deliveries. They provide free wifi, Asia is amazing for that. Wifi everywhere. We also have 4G on our Vietnamese cell phones.

Ha, good question, as we've just been given the answer to that this second. So far we have been self-isolating in our room together, but apart. And been to the lobby. We've just found out we can go out to the grounds. The communication has been non-existent so we are following our own social distancing rules. And lots of handwashing. So if we go out we will stay apart.

They bring the meals to your door. It's quite incredible! The two meals so far were great. Standard Vietnamese food. I don't know what the name was for breakfast, lunch was rice with a bit of beer, a boiled egg and some soup.

No, not really. And that is a worry. We would like to be. Our temperature was taken when we arrived and written down on our forms, but nothing since then, that was at 5am, about 10 hours ago.

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Weird - that is scarily accurate!

We are actually in student dorms - every facility is different. This just looks like a run down building from the 60s. No mod-cons but it's fine.

Thank you very much, your comment is appreciated! Glad you are enjoying it. It's been fun for us too, helped pass Day 1. Good luck!

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Good question.

So, we definitely didn't have an idgaf attitude. And when we left we weren't traveling during pandemic, officially. We knew they were risks and we naively thought that it was on the other side of the world - USA, Iran, Italy, South Korea - from where we were, Vietnam, and where we were going, and at that point there weren't many cases in New Zealand.

To answer your question - we realised too late. And regret our decision. We saw some red flags but never imagined it would escalate to where we are now so quickly. At that point no-one was talking about borders closing or all international travel ceasing completely (or if they were we hadn't read that, and we'd read a lot). People were still travelling at that point, so we weren't the only ones.

If our leaving date had been two days later we definitely wouldn't have gone. From that point it escalated at a rate we never expected. We cancelled the U.S. part of our trip nearly a week ago now, and hoped we could do the NZ wedding then get back to Vietnam ASAP. So we booked a flight home for Monday (23rd). Then by Wednesday (18th) the situation escalated again and we knew we needed to get back even sooner before we were locked out. So we cancelled the Monday flight and booked one for the next date we could, Friday 21st.

Then they suddenly needed a confirmation letter saying we didn't have covid to get in the country - which you can't get if you don't have symptoms, and would take two days anyway. This was announced 24 hours before our flight. We got a doctors letter confirming we had no symptoms and couldn't be tested in NZ if we didn't have any.

Maybe over-answered your question but felt it deserved a proper answer.