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I hate people

I feel you. Some of the worst people I know are people.

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sweets... trolley... biscuits... mummy... bum...

Limey as fuck.

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My grandfather was a Marine in WWII and Korea. As a child I thought I'd show him how cool and mature I was by making a comment about "Japs."

He scolded me and said, "The Japanese went from feudal society to industrialized empire in a generation. That empire could only be stopped by the most powerful weapon ever to be deployed in war. Now they've come to build the best cars, the most advanced electronics, and all of your little plastic toys. It is hard to imagine a people less deserving of your disrespect. They're a model of 'can-do' attitude and we can all take a lesson from them."

That stuck with me.

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My dad showed me an episode of Star Trek in the mid-80s and explained how important it is that in the future whites/blacks/Asians (even Russians!) could all work together in peace.

I said, "Dad, they have all different people on Sesame Street."

Challenged, he responded, "If it weren't for this show, we wouldn't have Sesame Street! Just watch."

That day a kindergartener became a trekkie.

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When I was 13 years old I went to Edinburgh and DC. Being a punk kid, I decided I'd try to make the guards laugh. The Queen's guard grimaced and squinted, but didn't laugh. The Tomb Guard turned and yelled so loud that I turned pale and shut the fuck up.

At the time, I concluded the American guard lost my little contest. Today, I realize I was the loser.