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Would definitely not call you dense for assuming that

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They really do. My colleagues started joking about how often I endorse Kotlin and IntelliJ, but they are really just better versions of Java and Eclipse.

Recently saw a job opening at Jetbrains in Munich that kind of fits my profile, seriously considered moving there.

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Thanks, that actually helps a lot. That was actually what I thought happened to begin with, but with all the specific rules that are different from state to state it's pretty hard to stay on top of all the information. Quite a few conservative sources I read talked about "thousands of uncounted ballots which can still swing the state", so it definitely sounded like they were talking about a big box of 8,410 ballots.

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Trump issued a tweet that he was confused where the military ballots went that he thought would flip Georgia in his favor. What happened there? Did the military vote blue?

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What do you think about the book 1984?