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Can I ask you to critique some of my writing:

He walked into the cock house, ready to give dick for fucking. Would tonight be the night he finds what he’s been looking for? Many years ago he had the bottomless pussy; the pussy that had no bottom and would not quit. He pushed and pushed his cock in for miles and miles and it had no bottom. When he cummed, barrels and barrels of sludgy jizz poured out until he passed out from dehydration. When he woke up, the pussy was gone. The reason he stars in erotic novels is to chase that feeling and find the pussy that is the best. One day he will find it again, but it is a wide search because he did not remember the face of the owner of the pussy from all those years ago.

As he opened the door to the cock house, the hinge squeaked. To his horny ears, it sounded like a sweet queef. When he entered, he saw many fresh pussies that he had not penetrated before. Are one of them my mystery pussy, he thought in his horny mind. His huge boner began to fill with hardness as he thought of the sweet pussy. Years ago, his sociology professor told him to also look at the faces of the people who own the pussies and to learn the names of them too. He could not remember the face or name of that professor but he did remember her horny pussy.

He entered the room more fully, in the same way he would soon enter a pussy. He saw a familiar pussy, and it filled him with horny surprise. He walked over and just stood there, cock throbbing with soon-to-be-orgasm jizz. The pussy pulsated and seem to recognize him.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you,” a voice said from a few feet above the pussy. “Maybe you remember me?”

The sentence ended in a question mark, but it was a statement because this was indeed the lost pussy he has been searching for.

“It’s you. I have been searching for years to find you. You were the best pussy I ever had.” His cock became more horny. “All day long I hunt pussy but all I’ve really wanted was you”.

“I’m surprised considering what happened last time,” the voice above the pussy said. “It seemed like I didn’t do much.”

If a pussy had eyes it would see the shock on his face.

“Excuse me?” he said. “I rammed my horny cock a mile into your fuck hole for hours and when I came it was like a whale sneeze. I was in a coma for three days after because I jizzed so much.”

The voice above the pussy chuckled. “The night you met me I became suddenly on my period right before we fucked. I could tell how horny your cock was, and knew it would be disappointed to miss a fuck. So I told you to close your eyes and I licked your asshole to get it nice and wet. Then I bent your cock and stuffed it into your own asshole. At first you were surprised but you were also very horny. You moaned at first but I pushed your cock further and further up your own asshole. Pretty soon you were spinning on the floor like a lazy Susan just fucking your own asshole. I watched you for several hours and read my book. As you were about to cum you howled like a horny wolf and released. Now, I’ve seen many men cum buckets of cum, but what exploded out of your cock was like a firehose. Your belly became swollen, your arms flapped around, and jizz started spewing from your ears and nose.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” he said, his horniness giving way to shock. “The ultimate pussy I searched for was my own asshole.”

“Yes,” the voice said. “You had memory loss from all of the jizz you put up your asshole, but it’s true. You have the ultimate pussy. I have searched for years to find you again.”

With that, the pussy pulled out a hard, throbbing, horny cock. “And now it’s time to fuck that pussy.”

He was shocked to find out that he himself was the pussy. For his whole life he had been the cock. He knew what he had to do. He lifted his legs deep into the air so that the pussy could fuck him like the horny slut he is.

The pussy’s cock fucked his ass until way into the morning. So much jizz was made that rats started to appear, looking for a nutritious meal. Owls howled in the distance, and sharks in the sea jumped out of the water.

Sometimes the greatest things we look for are not at the bottom of a pussy, but often within ourselves.

The end

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The sheer irony of asking this to an independent reporter. That site is responsible for so much sensationalist, one-sided, lying-by-omission, “breaking” “news”. They are one of the worst offenders on r/politics (though the articles seem to delight the hysterical users and AstroTurfers).

They’re a corporate media machine seeking as many clicks as possible. I can’t speak to this journalist specifically, but most things they publish need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Edit: look at this post, posted by this very account:


This is sensationalism, and obviously misleading. This paper has an agenda and should not be trusted.

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It's interesting that you say the limitation of IF is the fact that it may not fit into a balanced life due to lack of sustainability.

I found that IF actually makes it much easier to manage my macros, and it's quite sustainable. It pretty much only means skipping breakfast and not eating late at night. A side benefit that I noticed is that given the limited window for eating, I feel way, way fuller on less food. After a week or so, you don't feel hungry at all during the window, I have found.

Right now I'm eating just above maintenance, so I don't know how well it will work on a full-on bulk.

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If you make your way to Mexico, there are many many routine cargo ships to Europe (mostly Germany). Most of them are out of Veracruz.

The reason is that a lot of Germany's auto/engineering production has moved over there, so the shipping is more frequent. I met a german couple traveling by a boxy military conversion who did this. They said it was cheaper than they would have thought (though I can't remember how much).

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Don’t sell yourself short. Many employers would rather see a resume that shows some grit and hard work, as opposed to “volunteering” and “interning” which really only shows that your parents have money. I’ve seen resumes where these people will list “backpacking across Europe” as an accompaniment. Not kidding.

I got into a very good school, and found that my peers were almost all very well-to-do. Their summers were doing the type of extra curricular you described (and also going to “camp”). I worked through school, and all my summers in a variety of jobs. When they were travelling to France for spring break, I was trying to up my hours, or finding another temp gig. I’ve had some weird jobs, carried around a loaded deck full of references. When we all went into campus recruitment, I think I was a more interesting candidate than many of the ubiquitous rich kid resumes.

One interviewer mentioned that many of my cohorts talked a lot about travel, and asked me some places I’ve been. The reality was that I’d never been on a vacation in my life, but I talked about how one of the reasons I’ve worked so hard was that I hoped to be able to travel someday. I got offered that job with the condition that I take an epic vacation at the first opportunity.