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This was the question we asked: "Have you been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed (i.e. non-consensual sexual advances like touching or groping) while on the grounds of the festival (i.e. main festival grounds or camp grounds)? "

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-187 were from Coachella and 136 were from Stagecoach. We grouped the festivals together because as a geographical survey region they were the same and had comparatively very similar attendance rates. We found there were no difference in the rates of harassment between the festivals.

-we did not survey any men because we only had a small data collection team and would have interviewed twice as many people, so it wasn't doable for us this year.

-Trans women did participate in the survey, but we did not differentiate them within the data

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This is a tough question. I would like to say you should report it to festival officials immediately, but we know in the middle of a crowded show it can be hard to find those officials and then also to find the person that did the harassing for those officials to kick out. Some festivals have decided to increase their staffing in hopes to increase safety. I would say not to "come out swinging" though as that might create a more dangerous situation.

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  1. Local officials say they believe that alcohol and drug use does impact the issue. Both alter peoples' minds, skewing judgement and perhaps making people believe it's ok to touch someone or misread a situation, etc. The festival does have factors, like alcohol and overcrowding, that make the atmosphere more prone to these issues.
  2. You are right, men do experience harassment/assault as well but were not surveyed because we only had one person surveying (me) and we would have had to survey twice as many people and we did not have the capacity or resources to do that.

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Great question. AMLO has only been in office for three months, so it's too soon to tell what kind of impact he'll have on violence and security in Mexico. I'm definitely interested in following up on this.