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<digital graffiti>

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What was the most "ohhh shit!" problem you've had to deal with?

What is a ships engineer's worst nightmare scenario? As in the event you hope will never happen?

Thanks for this AMA btw. Super interesting!

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Your track record of motivation & results w/ Wikipedia is very encouraging.

Can you give me the elevator pitch as to why/how WT social solves the problems we have created for ourselves with other social media?

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Hello Patrick, Thanks for taking the time. A few questions for you:

  • What is the general breakdown of revenue for average gang? (maybe compare two differnet types?) e.g. City Gang (90% meth, 5% protection racket, 5% Raffle tickets) Rural Gang (99% meth, 1% eggs).
  • What legit business operations to gangs use to clean their money? Is laundering required as much as other places?
  • How do the gangs interface with their markets overseas? Is it done individually by each local-gang , or is there national level organisation to facilitate international drug running?

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You certainly have my support. I think we'll ALL need to work on the offering (by curating real quality spaces) to get it traction in the circles beyond those who intrinsically just "get it" and see why we need something different. It's those who don't see why it's required who probably need it the most.

The existing social media platforms have hacked into peoples brains by optimising content in a way which triggers the evolutionary programmed responses of flight/flight. It's a monumental & worthy task to try and bring people back to the shore. :)

Yours with sincere gratitude and respect for your work.