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Because it makes information more accessible. It seems like it's just sort of a filter that takes the edge off, so to speak - not entirely unlike putting on sunglasses when it's too bright.

Couldn't it be used alongside education that reality is graphic and disturbing?

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Eh, it's been becoming the point more and more for a while now, but it's not literally the entire point.

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I'll probably end up thinking "That could be useful for tabletop games, I should remember that it exists!" Then a year or two from now I'll be drawing a map by hand and think "There should be a program for this..."

I like AMAs, though, especially the ones that aren't plugging things I've already started ignoring ads for.

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What other term would you use to express the idea of a collection of activities that are related to each other only by their association with the concept that "captains do these things"?


-My job, as captain

-Officer's business

Also, we have the word "captainlike" to express "captain-ey-ness."

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a partner they don't love enough anymore to tell them the truth by theirselfs (makes that sentence sense?...)

It definitely conveys the point! But, assuming that you're trying to improve your grasp of English...

The plural of "Theirself" is "Theirselves" - but the second person pronoun that flows best in the sentence you wrote would be "Themselves".

Makes that sentence sense?

Is German grammar applied directly to English - the typical phrasing would be "Does that sentence make sense?"

Aber dein Englisch ist sehr klar. (Ich lerne Deustch... Deustche spreche, schwere spreche.)