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that will have adverse effects on your sleep, though. cannabis inhibits REM sleep

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Hey Andrea!

I want to thank you so so much; I'm a huge fan of yours, and you really helped me through a deep depression earlier this year. There were days when I didn't want to live, but I would always end up listening to your albums "Truce" and "Flower Boy" on repeat, and that kept me going enough.

A few months ago, you performed in Redlands, California, and I talked to you before and after the show. You talked to me about college, life, and made me feel worth something. You even took a selfie with me and signed your albums for me - here's a picture to jog your memory. After the show, you gave me a hug and said that I helped make your welcome in Redlands special and that you hoped one day we could speak again. That truly made my life, and really gave me a lot of confidence and strength I didn't have before - it was a magical evening for me. Now, I'm very confident in my identity as a transgirl and am living life fully.

As for a few questions:

  1. What is your creative process like while writing your poems?

  2. What are your preferred pronouns? (I couldn't find any definitive sources online)

  3. When anxiety strikes, what are your go-to methods to ease it?

Thanks again!

edit: a word

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She's a spoken word poet who is also queer.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Your creative process is fascinating! Much love from Redlands, Andrea, and thanks for being you! <3

As an added question, how do you feel like your baptist upbringing has influenced your poetry? As well, have you thought about putting a "fan mail" spot on your website?

Thanks again for doing this AMA!!

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Gracias muchaho :)