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How in the world do you think scientist get all their equipment? Not to mention you can get a degree in any art form and glass is probably the easiest to make a living off of.

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What school do you attend and how do you like? I am a glassblower thinking of going to Sweden for school. I'm not particularly fond of Salem' s location in New jersery and haven't really found any other schools in America giving actually degrees while really only focusing on glass work.

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Depends on what you wanna make/ what're your intentions? Full time, part time, hobby. Full time you're going to wanna go to a school in like Salem in NJ(they're other schools but nothing will beat SCC in the states as most other schools are not really "glassblowing" schools) probably best to get a scientific degree for overall versatility. Part time probably just hunt down some locals and see if you can pay someone for lessons. Then just get your own torch and what not. Hobby just buy the shit you need torch kiln glass tools(3000$ minimum) and look up the revere glass videos online and use the groups on facebook

Source taught myself at 16(am now 20) with videos. looking to go to school soon just to make some connections have an actual degree to teach or w.e I want to do with it when I'm older.