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By far Steve Yeun. He plays Glenn from The Walking Dead. The day my special started streaming on Netflix, he tweeted out his followers, that they should watch it, that it was so funny, with a picture of the billboard on Melrose and I JUST ABOUT DIED. I think his character and how he's chosen to play it, has been such a milestone for Asian Americans without trying to be.

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I've had one lady leave a show during that part, where I say "I think feminism is the worst thing that has happened to women." She had on some thick ass glasses, a brown cardigan and an NPR tote. Usually most feminists are smart enough to get what's really going on.

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I decided I wanted to do it the first time I got pregnant. But then I had a miscarriage and when I got pregnant again, and the pregnancy took, I was like LET'S DO THIS! The day before I flew to Seattle to shoot it, my doctor told me I couldn't take anymore trips. But as you can see, I did get on a plane one last time.

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I don't really like to focus on barriers because I don't like giving them that kind of power. But I will say that going on the road, as a female stand-up, is rough. Mostly because I'm just scared of my safety sometimes when I'm all alone in a shitty hotel. Also most women can't just eat a twinkie at a gas station like some men can. Might be in San Francisco in December!

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Eddie Murphy - for his energy and rawness Patrice O'Neal - for his honesty Dave Attell - for his incredible economy of language