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When you're angry at somebody, do you just repeat condescending GLaDOS lines at them? Because I would.

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Hey man! At risk of being too suck up-y, I just wanna say thanks for doing what you do. Bomb The Music Industry has been the soundtrack to my life from the latter half of high school to my current final semester as a college undergrad, and at this rate your solo work is right up there with it.

As for a question, I was just wondering if you had any general advice for somebody starting to make music. I’ve been writing and performing songs for a while, but when it comes to recording and producing I feel lost. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to programming drums and such, and when it comes to programs and the actual planning process I just never know where to start. Going from ASOB to Album Minus Band, how did you get started just doing everything by yourself?

Thanks for stopping by! See ya in Detroit at the end of the month!

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Hi Chris! Longtime fan.

I listened to an interview with you talking about making your live solo sets more dynamic and involved by using loops/MIDI stuff with a looper. (Boss RC3, maybe?) I recently picked one up with the same intention and was wondering what your process was and what resources you might recommend.

Appreciate any insight! Keep being perfect always :)

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What do you think of this song that references you? http://asalark.bandcamp.com/track/aint-no-john-cusack

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Hey Andrew. Huge fan. You’ve inspired me to try and live life to its fullest and to do my best to maintain a positive outlook on life. Thank you for that. I actually wanted to ask about the music you made when you were younger, before “Andrew WK”. You released some noise/avant-garde stuff under Ypsilanti Records, if I’m not mistaken. You were pretty prominent in the southeast Michigan DIY scene and have even showed love to us now that you’ve made it big. As an Ypsilanti resident who’s in love with our DIY scene, I would love to hear your old work and was wondering if there was any way you’d re-release any of it even just online?

Oh, and thanks for creating a party megazord with me in Detroit last year. I was smiling ear to ear and still get giddy when I think back to it. http://i.imgur.com/2QPXXfC.jpg