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Is the story about Alexander Prokhorenko true?

Edit- To those who don’t know, Alexander Prokhorenko was the Russian equivalent of a JTAC in combat operations against ISIS in Syria. He was surrounded by ISIS who were advancing on his position. He was alone and called an air strike (or artillery strike, I’m not sure about that) on his own position. He died but also took out a company sized element of ISIS with him. I was in the US Marines for a while and this story was passed around between my friends and I. I have a lot of respect for this guy.

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I’d be surprised if someone from the US intelligence community gave a favorable, or any, opinion on a whistleblower.

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It’s a tragedy. Fuck ISIS. Thank you for your service.

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I’m sure the former submarine officer understands this...

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I didn’t say what he (Snowden) did was right or wrong. But the US govt has made a pretty strong example out of whistleblowers and taking the side of one isn’t something you’d see from someone else in the community. It’s a CYA thing.