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How much did the town cost you, and what made you decide to try to do this? Are you a western-nerd or are you seeing this as an easy financial opportunity? Sorry to be blunt but trying to get a handle on how this whole thing came about...

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I don't want to sound like a complete ass but the reasons you listed above can and are done frequently all over the world, in big cities and small, etc., and are usually done when you're young and living life carpe diem, as they say. Was your point that something about Zimbabwean culture allows that kind of in-the-moment-living more frequently?

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It feels like you're clutching at straws. The fact that the legal age will increase is something that I imagine all anti smoking campaigns would support, yet you are calling into question motives and saying the bills are not doing enough, or are doing what they're doing to feign action and avoid doing more.

Yet what they are doing is ostensibly a good thing, so it's aittle hard to look at this nefariously.

In your opinion do you think that there is anything positive about these bills?

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I think I get the point. I feel like there's kind of two ways of looking at this (overgeneralizing), and they, like much of life, can drive down different paths...

I guess the question really hinges around ambition. I don't begrudge people here in the West from being super preoccupied with studies because they are ambitious to do something, but I do feel bad for most people who are just going along with the flow and settling into monotonous robotic lives. At the same time, I've known so many truly gifted people that spent their best days living carpe diem, or at least thinking they were, but really they just convalesced into creature comforts-- sucked the lotus roots to throw out a pretentious allusion. It's hard to know where to draw that line.

And as an aside, good for you for fucking doing this. I remember vividly reading your thread from three years ago and thinking damn, people need to travel more. So much fear-mongering. I'm glad you had a blast.

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I'm going to shameless interject myself into this discussion because it really looks like two themes have emerged. OP is saying that it's the right of the child to know, to decide how to proceed, etc., with that kind of information. You seem to be more from the camp of 1) that you yourself don't know but also 2) that as parents you might feel like there is a risk of introducing a third adult into a relationship.

And for me both of these viewpoints are really fascinating. It's kind of weighing that personal freedom with the parental onus to protect a child under your care, and I don't think there are easy answers here. Just wanted to say it's cool to see these perspectives and I wish you two the best.