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A coworker of mine has a Model S.....very, very nice car. Which is an understatement. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I didn't have a wife to reign me in.

I really like the attention to detail like the ability to turn on idling so it feels more like a "real" car. The first time I took my foot off the brake and the car didn't move I was like "WTF?".....and then he turned that feature on (I guess he doesn't like it) and everything felt right again.

Edit: To clarify, so that I may appease the manual transmission master race, I actually own a standard jeep and my previous two cars were manual. Assume some more though.

I was referring to cars with combustion engines as being "real" cars as a generalization. I made the generalization because Teslas don't have a fucking stick. There is no point comparing them to manual transmissions because you don't operate them in nearly the same manner.

An automatic on the other hand operates, from the drivers point of view, very similar to a Tesla. You press the brake to stop and the accelerator to go. In a combustion engine vehicle with an automatic transmission, you would expect the car the creep forward when you let off the brake.....for a car that operates similar to an automatic transmission to not do that is a bit surprising. I obviously would not have been freaked out when it didn't move forward if I were sitting there with the clutch pushed in, or if I had the gears in neutral......actually I would have been a little freaked because the car (by car I mean Tesla as to not confuse anyone) doesn't even have a multi-speed transmission to put into gear, let alone a clutch or shifter.

You guys get butthurt pretty damn easy though, I'll give you that. Kudos.

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I've been told if you are into controls, you can name your price down in Houston. Any truth to this?

I'm not in the oil industry, but have been dabbling with PLCs at my current job. This area is getting old though.

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I've been wondering about that place, but they weren't open last time I was in that area. Do you know what beer they have on tap?

Edit: Nevermind, googled it. Another great spot with a shitty beer selection....yay! I had hopes for that place when I first saw it.

Edit #2: Shit, I was looking at the San Angelo location. Odessa is better.