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That really sucks; I'm sorry you were dealt such an unlucky hand.

Was there anthing particularly good or bad that struck you when dealing with the doctors involved in your care? I have worked in spinal injury units, and some of the patients can be so (understandably) hopeless - what, do you think, can be a helpful thing to say/do?

You seem to have an awesome attitude. Probably doesn't mean much for you to read that from a stranger, but I really admire you!

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I've seen some particularly bad cases of FAS; you honestly look fine man. Sorry you had to take the brunt of someone else's stupid fucking choices in life.

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I had a patient with abdominal pain a few months ago.

Someone, not me, had ordered an abdo film.

First and only time an AXR has been helpful in undifferentiated abdo pain, as it showed an intact lightbulb in the rectum.

Patient denied all knowledge, naturally. Couldn't get it out in ED, so had to take them to theatre.

Even after all that, they still had no idea how it got there. Biggest mystery of my career 🤔

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That’s more money than I earned as a junior doctor in the UK..

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My grandad moved to Aus from Scotland with my great grandmother and father; I met my Nana, she lived till mid 90s, but the old boy died in a car accident that my Nana was too tough to perish from. She told me of the oppressive heat and insects. Ultimately, it was too hot for her over in Queensland, so they got another 5-6 week boat back to Scotland.

Fast forward a few decades, and now I live in Australia. I fly to and from the UK every now and then. It takes between 24-30 hours, depending on what flights/stops I make. I, obviously, forever bitch and moan about that absolute cunt-stretcher of a journey - but, in the back of my head, I know I have it easy.

... and then I moan like fuck again