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As an aside, at these speeds, it's less the air resistance that's heating up the plane but the fact that you're compressing the air in front of the plane and the heat of the compressed air is transferred to the plane.

If you're not familiar with the ideal gas law, one of the basic effects of it is that if you keep the same amount of air (or any other gas) and compress it, since you have the same amount of heat in a smaller volume, the temperature will go up commensurately. So for example if you take air with an absolute temperature of about 300 Kelvin (about 80°F) and compress it to half it's volume, the air temperature rises to 600 Kelvin (about 620°F). Similarly if you take even the very cold air at the altitude that an SR-71 flies (about 230 Kelvin or -45°F) and compress it to a fifth of its volume, its temperature raises to 1150 Kelvin or about 1600°F.

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From what I understand, in developing countries, it is much easier to procure funding for vaccines themselves rather than the resources to safely store, deliver and administer these vaccines.

This leads to horror stories of vaccines expiring in overflowing central warehouses (because there isn't an adequate system to store or transport them and it would not be politic to decline the donations) or being handled improperly such that they've gotten warm (which is likely detected causing them to be thrown out) or frozen (which is far less likely to be detected causing an ineffective vaccine to be administered).

What is UNICEF doing to make this better?

disclosure: my day job is helping people find ways of making some of the existing distribution networks more efficient.

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Except that they have absurd protections granted in federal and state laws that include, among many other things, that any civil penalties will be paid out by the entity that runs the police force not the officer themself. And those protections make it extremely difficult to get a criminal conviction.

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You act as though anyone can just pick up their computer system and move. Right now, I have to choose between having a large dual monitor workstation but be around people who are constantly making some form of noise and moving around or work on a notebook elsewhere. When I am alone without any distractions, the better workstation significantly improves my output. But I cannot concentrate when there are other people around so unless I go somewhere else, my productivity plummets.

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I'm curious what an 11th century English accent would sound like.