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Ok can we slow down a minute here? If this was a marketing event do you think they'd make sure the links in the post actually worked? Both the buy the album and concert tickets links are missing.

What we've got is some super gushy fan-boi questions all being posted right as the AMA starts, many from new accounts.

Yes this could totally all be the result of some utterly incompetent marketing team. Or it could be genuine fans, many without reddit accounts, who saw the twitter post and gushed their hearts out as soon as the ama started.

So far I've not seen any real evidence that it's the former rather than latter, aside from the traditional reddit cynicism and pitchforkery.

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Hi Dan! Thanks for making me laugh so hard, and for your openness and honesty about yourself - it makes real creative success seem not so totally fucking impossible so thank you big time for that.

How has your enjoyment of the creative process changed over the years? Does your greater experience mean you can see the outcomes and possibilities more vividly, or are you now just a jaded, joyless husk?

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Well done you. Have a biscuit.

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Yes I imagine that someone who in this scenario has not only purchased a number of old reddit accounts but created many more fresh sock-puppets, solely for this event, would know how to make a fucking hyperlink.

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Hey Brokers24,
I'm a huge fan of your comments, I first discovered them 38 seconds ago on a different chain where you posted the same idea. Thank you for being you.

Tbh I wrote this to be sarky and show how they're obviously bots but looking back at them I don't think it's that clear cut, you might be right about the twitter thing. Kinda weird of her to post 2 day old "proof", but all the super-fan posts being posted right as the AMA started completely fits with them being super-fans. Plus she's going into a fair bit of depth in the answers about creativity and earlier projects so if it isn't her it's gotta be some maestro bullshitter.