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Hey Ccstriker77! Thanks for the question, and the kind words about my work on the God of War music team! Much appreciated. Regarding making game music -- it couldn't be -more- different than making regular music! Game music is very distinct. The demands on the composer are very different than they would be for a film or television composer, or even for a symphonic composer. Game music has to be interactive. It has to react to the actions of the player. That's actually really inspiring to me. I feel like I'm having a sort of musical conversation with players. They perform actions, and the music responds. Hopefully the music inspires players on their in-game journey. In terms of the technical aspects, game music has to be constructed in bits and pieces, that can be jig-sawed together by the game engine according to what's going on in the game. I go into a lot of detail about this in my book -- it's a fascinating way to think about music creation, and it's really inspired me to stretch and grow as a composer.

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Hey, Pegthaniel! Cool question! I always love receiving a build of the game while I'm working so that I can play it and get inspired by what the development team is doing. That's not always possible, though. Sometimes the game is just too early in development for me to receive a playable version. In that case, I read all sorts of design documents, look at tons of concept art, have lots of great meetings with the developers to talk about what inspires them and what their vision is for the music of their game. I'll also do a bunch of research before I begin work. The research sometimes focuses on musical style, genre, instrumentation, etc. Sometimes the research also includes topics related to the game narrative and history. I want to understand the world of the game, so that I can create music that's appropriate for it.

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Hey, Manofthedown! I was working as a composer for a National Public Radio series called Radio Tales, when the idea of becoming a game composer got stuck in my head. Always been a gamer, always a huge fan of games! Once the idea of writing music for games lodged in my head, I couldn't shake it. So I started doing research into game publishers and developers, reaching out to see if I could find a project and a team that would want to work with me. I happened to contact Sony Interactive Entertainment America at just the right time -- they were putting together a music composition team for God of War. I actually told the whole story at a Society of Composers and Lyricists event in NYC -- there's a video here: https://youtu.be/XPz8nQQgtBk?t=258

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Hey, pre-medicated! I prefer Pro Tools. Been working with it forever. We know each other very well. :)

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Hey, Quizzlys! Thank you so much! :) So glad you've enjoyed LittleBigPlanet. I love it too. When I was brought into the LittleBigPlanet 2 music team, the game levels weren't created yet. The team at Media Molecule gave me a document brief that described some of the story and characters, including a lady named Victoria who liked to build robots and was a bit off her rocker. Such a great character! I composed the Victoria's Lab music based on that description, and I worked a lot of edgy rock guitar and aggressive orchestral instrumentation into the mix to evoke her mad-scientist vibe. But I also laced a lot of whimsical elements throughout. After I delivered the music, the team at Media Molecule created the level, and I learned later that they made some drastic changes to it after hearing the music I'd composed. Now Victoria was not only an unbalanced robot-builder, but she was also a baker of pastries and cookies. Sackboy could attack the robots by throwing giant cupcakes. And truly, who doesn't want to kill robots with cupcakes? :) I was really excited that the team had been inspired by my music in that way. Here's a vid of that music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCL2J5ttX_4