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the_good_time_mouse632 karma

Clearly, you need a new unlockable achievement badge.

The No Fuck's Given, Space Chuck Norris award: "I work at NASA and registered this game with my work email"

It could do with a better name.

the_good_time_mouse538 karma

How many of your users registered using @nasa.gov email address?

the_good_time_mouse331 karma

You are posting to a page full of them.

the_good_time_mouse238 karma

They send over their crack team of hotpants cops. Who tie everyone up and take their clothes off.

the_good_time_mouse205 karma

When my wife turned vegan, she called all the 'ethical, free range' dairies in our area looking for one that 1) Didn't purchase their cows from a place that slaughtered the male cows and 2) Didn't sell their female cows for slaughter after their milk productivity started to drop. She found none :(