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Nah. Ain't nobody got time for that/sulphur smell/offending Pele

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The main issue is that it looks like it will cross the highway and cut off access to this town, which thousands of people commute to and from daily. Temporary alternate roads have been built but the commute will become very difficult. I live on the north side of the flow but work on the south side, so I may need to find another job. My mom lives on the south side so I worry for her - people on that side face threats to water and power and access to goods. A lot of people are relocating.

Specifically - I work for a program at the school as a mentor for at-risk youth. We had only just finished the first quarter of the school year and last Wednesday started a brief (10 day) hiatus to reorganize all the students - all students north of the flow are being transferred to other schools, and all south are being consolidated into one campus. So all schedules, for students and teachers, are being redone. As for my program, I will restart with a new cohort when students come back, and progress is lost for all the students I lost. I am not sure I will want to keep this job if the commute proves to be too difficult.

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This is something I think about often. It is an interesting topic. There is definitely a local knowledge of Pele - legends, stories, etc. A lot of locals view the flow as a blessing from her - she is coming to our town, and part of the lack of preventative action is due to local outcry to welcome her respectfully and not interfere with her actions.

I find this interesting because a lot of these same people will then turn around and say they're praying for Pahoa, etc... how can you pray to a Christian God from the people that overthrew your kingdom and asks that you don't worship another God, then turn around and pay homage to your native Goddess? I think people are just looking for explanations and comfort and find it with Pele.

TL;DR: Yes, Pele is a very, very significant part of this.

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Small kine hot ovah hea

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Yes. I would advise against stepping in lava.