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Hi, I'm a journalist from Orlando.

I was baked by the mental health counselors at UCF several years ago. I recovered and began a career in spite of this, but the experience was traumatic and I've been sitting on the idea of writing an article for a long time.

In Orlando, the Tampa Bay Times are well respected for the investigative journalism that goes on. From your personal experience, investigating the issue, could I expect any legal backlash from the hospital that I was locked in, or from my alma mater, if I write about what they did to me, and how it made me feel?

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Did you intentionally design Coraline to look like an older ex girlfriend of mine so my more recent ex would furiously unplug the TV halfway through, and leave? Just wondering.

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Hi Jess, quick question -

Are you aware of the fact that masturbating with Astroglide burns?

Because I am.