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What are, in your opinion, reddit's biggest problems?

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We in braveryjerk would be honored if you accepted your moderator invite. How could we sweeten the deal?

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Hey Zach,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I love your comics. You've inspired a lot of random wikipedia searches over the years, and a lot of learning :)

I have a few questions:

1) How's the baby?

2) Is SMBC your primary mode of income?

3) Who would win in a fight between Georg Cantor, Grace Hopper, and your wife?

4) Was your shift towards a more "intellectual" comic intentional, or did you find yourself drifting that way? What inspired that shift?

5) Just fyi, whenever you do a graph joke AND a dick joke in the same comic, an angel cries.

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That sounds like a dope idea. Maybe include a website that also lists things like local dating services, job search programs, etc? Help people get their life back on track.

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I'm probably way too late and no one will see this, but I want to personally thank you for your service. That sounds so corny, but I'm sincere. You are the reason this is still a great country, you are a national hero. Don't ever forget that.