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I am a trades person in an industry where unions are still strong. I hear many times from many people that unions are not really needed anymore as there are pretty comprehensive federal and provincial/state laws to protect workers. What are your opinions on unions and global unions? Do you think promoting unions in third world countries is an option or will this be spun as some socialist agenda (like it usually does) and end in violence?

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

I wonder how unions can be viewed in a more positive light again. Maybe unions could do some international work (like mission work but non-religious) and indenture locals?

It is interesting going abroad where construction work is usually low pay, low education, and high risk, and then to come back to Canada where construction is seen as a viable life-time career choice.

Anyways, I am just thinking out loud.

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Corruption can even happen in the union, I agree. I think that there are unions that do the union thing better than others, but as a whole, unions have done far more good for leveling the playing field than bad.

The important thing is that people realize that they there are certain things that they shouldn't have to put up with and that they have a right to stand up against an employer who is treating them unfairly. But just one person saying something will easily be silenced...