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thePopefromTV241 karma

Interesting. I’m not from Georgia but I’m curious why the most flippable seat in Georgia hasn’t been challenged in 10 years.

And in your short time since being a write-in candidate what’s the dirtiest thing you’ve learned about politics that you didn’t know before?

Lastly, good luck. Any candidate who legitimately values voter rights is one of the good ones.

thePopefromTV31 karma

I find voter rights generally means the rights of the people to vote fairly, not to be confused with constitutional rights or human rights, etc.

thePopefromTV11 karma

Do you catch your own fish on the rivers, and if so was there any water that was too sketchy to eat out of even though you could’ve?

thePopefromTV10 karma

Holy cow voter disenfranchisement propaganda at 9 am? Maybe have a coffee first before we try and convince Americans to not seek representation in Congress.

thePopefromTV8 karma

Is it stupid to put a piece of tape over your webcam? Or is it stupid to not put a piece of tape over your webcam?