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Hey Mr. Sinise, thanks for doing this!

Do you have any favorite movies?

What would you say is your proudest accomplishment?

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What about each film do you love? An excellent choice!

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Hello Mr. Cleese. I’m a big big fan of your solo work and everything by the Pythons. Thank you SO much for doing this. Here are my questions.

  1. You’ve said many times that you’re a fan of the Goon Show. Do you have a favorite episode or joke? (Python allowed me to discover them, although I was a big fan of Sellers beforehand)

  2. On the subject of Sellers, I read somewhere that Dr. Strangelove is one of your favorite films. What’s your favorite scene from that movie.

  3. I’m currently attending film school here in Texas. Since you’ve had much experiences making films, what’s your advice for both the screenwriting and actual production?

  4. What are some films that you think are important to watch in order to understand both film and comedic films.

5.What was it like working with jim Henson and the muppets?

Once again, Jack Cheese, thank you!

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Hi Paul! Big fan!

What would you say are your top ten films? And why would you choose them? Also, what's some advice for young directors who want to break into the industry?