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theBYUIfriend40 karma

I wanted to ask about a comment that you made on a YouTube podcast a month or two ago. It was a small side comment in which you stated that you expected the Canadian Confederation to start to unravel with in the next two years.

Although I do not live in Alberta full time (full disclosure, I am a dual U.S./Canadian citizen living in San Antonio, Texas), I do have family in Alberta, and I do visit Alberta on a semi-regular basis. So I do see all of the foundational conditions expressed in your book and newsletters in the province. In my last visit over the holidays, I saw that WEXIT was gaining traction (even among my more liberal family members). I do, however, think that two years is a little fast. If someone had asked me to predict how long the resentment would take to boil over to a referendum on secession. I would have predicted perhaps around 4-5 years. So I guess I am wondering what is making you think that an Alberta succession referendum is only two years away?

Also, do you see the U.S. absorbing all of the former Canadian provinces or just some of them?