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do you need an adrenaline intervention?

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I was diagnosed in 1999 with the miller-fisher variant of GBS while i was in high school. I went from ice skating on a Friday night to comatose by Sunday morning. Numbness spread from my lips and fingers to my whole body in about 8 hours. Fell asleep on my parents bathroom floor and was taken to the hospital. A link between an EBV and the GBS was noted and they performed a spinal tap that i didn't feel. I flatlined for roughly 90 seconds and was 13 days in a coma. The following weeks were a mixture of inability to speak or move and a hospital fuck up in medications where i was on fentanyl and methadone at the same time--some of the most horrific hallucinations one could imagine.

How is her mental health? That was the hardest part for me. Even when the hospital stopped sending the minister around and my parents became hopeful that I would recover, I was on the brink. I wanted to die. I was just tired. Tired of not being able to move. Tired of not being able to fully communicate. Tired of the medicine. Be mindful of her mental health. Its taxing and took me a long time to push through PT and regain a sense of normalcy.

edit: the people at childrens hospital in pittsburgh saved my life. and the physical therapy dept did more for my confidence in regaining myself than anyone else. After 4 months and a total of 50 lbs weight loss, I began to walk and recover. I still cant play guitar like i used to because of some slight motor loss, but im fine enough to be able to do normal everyday things. GBS awareness is next to zero. Thanks for this.