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I second this question. I'm 3 years out from a decent concussion and still have emotional swings I can't control. Had to give up on Agents of SHIELD this season: couldn't avoid bawling at post-TBI Fitz.

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For sure. I have the utmost appreciation for the neurodevelopment folks practicing out there. Not sure how I would've made it through my first year without almost daily speech therapy. In all likelihood, things will improve. I go multiple weeks without random irritation or crying fits these days (reading your answers, though, has me tearing up good).

I am glad that you seem to be in a far healthier place than I was at 13 months post-injury. Stick with it!

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Gotta give Iain De Caestecker credit, he plays a TBI with a brutal, painful realism. Maybe some day I'll be able to watch it again.