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If Keystone would transport 500k barrels/day, logic would say that is 500k barrels/day not in a train or truck or tanker in the pacific. What am I missing?

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Really? What about home ownership interest deductions? What about college students? What about the elderly? What about the handicapped?

Being a libertarian you should realize that a lot of government (possibly the majority) is dedicated to redistribution from one group to another...

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From your full article: "Americans, we tell ourselves, hold our morals to the highest standards. We would never do that to a group of people. NEVER. No one should be subjected to such atrocities. Right? RIGHT? Until it is beneficial to our interests, of course. The United States of America did the exact same thing to Muslims living in this country, and at a much larger scale, while most Americans were hypnotized in a trance of patriotism and freedom."

You clearly want to obfuscate the reader. You claim to be an American when you use the third person "we". You were an illegal alien in America at the time. Similar to several of the 9/11 bombers. BTW. American citizens, who happened to be Muslim, were not detained and deported as you infer throughout your "full" article. Why did you become a citizen if you have such negative feelings about our system of government and its policies/execution? A little more honest reflection would probably make you a happier person.

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What do you do to pay the bills?

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Thanks for your service!

Can you describe the average day in Bia Long Valley? Can you describe the most memorable mission?