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So just finished the doc and enjoyed it quite a bit. Massive props to you, Mike, James, and Tony /u/artyswiss.

One of the interesting things that came up on Twitter in the past weeks was the politics behind skateboarding. I really appreciate how the documentary touches upon the tribulations y'all had to face with law enforcement, locals, and shitty terrain, on top of all the injuries, illnesses, and media snafus you dealt with too. It really came to a head when you brought up Love Park and its history.

Twelve years and change to reflect, how do you and the rest of Shred America consider the political connotations of skateboarding, especially in modern times? What's one thing you want people to understand most about skating?

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Congrats on getting this released. Probably will watch it in the next hour or so!

Native New Yorker over here. What was your favorite spot to hit up when you finally made it?

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At that point, you just want to never leave the bed if you don't have to.

Such a 2020 vibe 😭😭