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I was just in Iceland a few months ago. Where was the hot dog stand you work at?

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Do you recall the good ole days before AMA was a soulless way to whore out a product?

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Yes, absolutely. I saw you mention on another thread about being somewhat confused in regards to spirituality. Essentially, Taoism teaches there is a force called the Tao which is all that ever was and all that ever is. Trying to put it into words is almost a contradiction. We are the universe experiencing itself from multiple points of views, simaltaneously. All a tiny piece of the Tao, the cosmos, God, Allah, etc., or whatever you want to call it. Alan Watts helped bring the teachings to western society and has many lectures you can find on YouTube.

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Are you familiar with Taoism or the teachings of Alan Watts?

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Why Eos instead of Ethereum?