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If we could have one Satanist holiday off every year what would it be and why?

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I have/had a raised scar on my hand the doctor told me to massage it to break down the scar tissue. It hurt so bad but I will be damned if it didn't work. Totally different body part and I am far from a medical professional but you get the idea.

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How high are you currently?

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Thanks for the reply. I took a Mickelsen class this summer and it helped me understand how much time needs to be dedicated to glass. I love the moon tech it was cool to see it actually in space. Check me out on instagram @benblowsglass maybe we can work together someday!

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How's it going? Thanks for doing an AmA I love your work. I recently graduated from Salem community for scientific glassblowing. How should I go about marketing myself as an independent glass artist? What worked for you and what didn't?