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You are my fucking hero, this day.

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My game's on Greenlight right now, and your two points have made themselves well known to me. The idea of it being a popularity contest is something that could be fixed if Valve were to take a look at everything subjectively, and actively judge games on Valve's own interest and weighing the number of positive votes against the number of unique views.

Also and this is mostly unrelated, the number of comments about my retro-styled indie platformer comparing it to VVVVVV are jarring. It has none of the same mechanics other than running and jumping and a pixelated visual style. I've been deleting most of the "this is a VVVVVV rip-off" comments, but they keep coming. Is there any way I can get a comment from you on it?

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I don't understand what there is that could be improved from Endtroducing. It was my introduction to DJ Shadow and I've been in love ever since.

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Please, only questions about Rampart.

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How do you feel about Gel Bananas?