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thatsagoodmeme9 karma

Hey Sasha, I just finished your book and I've read most of your parents' books, and watched their TV series as well. I think I speak for most people like me when I say that your dad would be proud to see your work today and who you've become. You're a wonderful human being and we need more people like you who understand the importance of empathy especially in our demon-haunted world. I'm about to become a certified teacher of science for grades 7-12 and this is my question:

How can educators like me keep that spark of curiosity and wonder alive in children as they enter their teen years and close off the doors to science? Every 3rd grader wants to be an astronaut, but a recent study found that's changing in the West. With the dawn of this upcoming 21st century space race, how can we push kids to go into STEM fields?

Thanks, I greatly appreciate your response in advance.