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In 2014, you and 27 other signatories of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity sent a letter to German chancellor Angela Merkel telling her to be suspicious of U.S. intelligence regarding the alleged invasion of Russia in Eastern Ukraine.

  1. Has this letter received any response from Chancellor Merkel? Do you have any fear for you and yours well being, regarding the US retaliating.

I hope you'll get to my questions but I most importantly want to thank you personally for your sacrifices and dedication to the world in exposing this destruction of our civil rights. I've watched you every time on DemocracyNow! and learned so much. Thank you.

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Hi Rachel. I went and read your story and I find myself really struggling to articulate just one question. Please allow me this as I'm elderly, female, and I'm stunned by the escalation of human cruelty and insatiable greed.

How are you able to even breath dealing w/wildlife crime? Do you struggle w/hopelessness because there are so few fighting these atrocities?

Thank you for your service to the great horror. I'm still weeping and sipping water just so I don't throw up..

Please take care of yourself Rachel. I'm pretty poor but I will be making a donation to National Geographic on your behalf. If there is a specific direction for my humble donation please reply.

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Did you read the article? It reveals how $$$ will buy most ever part of the animal.

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Fritz Ras, one of Pienika’s on-call veterinarians stated that he'd never seen the two cubs that couldn't walk? How isn't that right there enough to close Griesel down? Thank you for such an incredible news story. I'll follow you on Twitter.

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Morgan Mayhem is the Security Director of First Look Media.

His job as I understand it is to protect the reporters and journalists that are trying to keep the people informed.

My question is this:

Are we losing journalists/reporters/activists due to the severe punishment of what our government (USA) sees as dissent? Michael Hastings comes to my mind when posing this question.

When will the Intercept start reporting on a regular basis? It seems that too long goes by w/o new stories

Thank you and stay safe!