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Thanks, I was just about to start taking it apart to see for myself when I saw your AMA. Now I feel more confident. Will report back with results

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I bought a house recently, and the master bath does not output any hotwater. If I move the lever to the hot side the water will just stop running, and conversely getting stronger the closer I get to full cold.

Also, I don't seem to have a shutoff valve anywhere for the master bath- is that common?

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I may have a biased opinion here, but I started playing Warcraft II soon after release, way before the expansion even came out, and it was one of the first games I played on the internet, using tools I barely understood to transport ipx/spx packets over tcp/ip on a bulletin board system I used to frequent. (this is way pre-Kali/Khan days)

That game literally change my life in every way, teaching me things about computers, networking, etc. that I never had imagined I would end up learning...nor continuing on as a career.

Anyhow, those early memories of 3v3 GOW over dial-up were quite literally the BEST memories of gaming in my childhood...but I can see how if you were not involved pre-Diablo/Starcraft you might not enjoy Warcraft II as much.

Now Warcraft the original on the other hand....that was a funny game!