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My family loves your stuff, but we just ran out of the two bottles of sauce we brought back from the US. Are there any stores in the EU that sell your products?

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Thanks! Unfortunately it looks like it will cost over 20€ to ship a single bottle of sauce within the EU. I can fly to the UK on Ryanair for that price (but I won't of course, because they are horrible) . Oh well, at least folks in jolly old England can enjoy some good sauce after brexit.

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I once took a Ryanair flight with my 3 year old daughter, selected our seats together online, checked in before hand, all set... then I get to the airport and our boarding passes have us seated 20 rows apart. Everyone I tried to talk to told me the same thing: you'll have to ask another passenger to move. For fucking serious? Yep, not a single Ryanair employee could be arsed to help. So I got on the plane and had to cajole strangers into changing seats so that I could sit next to my toddler.

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It was about 2 years ago. They told me that me and my kid absolutely could sit together... it was just my problem figuring out how and where. If I were single and could handle last minute cancellations and crap I'd fly them way more. The last time I nearly flew them was with my son, we'd been planning for months to do a a special trip to Italy, just the two of us. We both love science and were going to visit places Galileo had been, loads of museums, and we'd booked hotels, bought train tickets, everything. Then the Ryanair staff went on strike and all the airline would do was offer us flights way later in the month when I couldn't take off work, plus we lost all the money we'd already spent on hotels etc. My poor kid ran out of school waving goodbye and saying "I'm going to ITALY now, GOODBYYYYYE" and I had to be like, sorry kiddo. After explaining what a strike is and why workers do it, I believe his exact words were, "Ryanair should be ashamed."

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Oh I agree, at least Ryanair is transparent about hating their passengers and doesn't make you pay through the nose to be treated like crap.