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Well, I just realized we don't have a meter here. (in the Sacramento area) Maybe this is why my stupid neighbors water their lawns every. Single. Day.

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Well good, cause we're ALL OUTTA CAKE!

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Hello Rikki! Love your work!

Cake or pie?

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Both my parents had cancer, my brother low functioning autism, and myself chronic disease... trust me, even with "good" insurance it's awful.

My mom had a pill that was several thousand for just one month that she was only able to use for a week or so before she passed. Just an example of how screwed you are in this country if you get sick.

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Thanks for responding, I'm so sorry she had so much scar tissue! My lap was about a year ago as well, and although they removed all they could (and apparently moved things around too?) my periods are still painful. Is she on BC, and if so has she considered going on a 3 month cycle kind? I just went on one, and although my period still sucked, it was only once every 3 months. I also don't recommend going on ANY other kind of hormone meds during this time- I was also on Spiro and it ended up making a very unpleasant 3 week long ordeal.

Best of luck to you guys!