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what tests did they do to catch it? I've felt like i have pancreatic issues based on my symptoms. Ive address them with 2 doctors. I've done blood work and CT scans and nothing has shown anything but a part of me is still worried i have something.

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So what if you did this AMA and lets say any ISP decided to disable Reddit in particular areas for X amount of time? Preventing you from reaching any of the people you would like to discuss with. I suggest you look a little further into your "neutral" stance.

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So, everytime i read this, i always hear "Bagless" are awful and just a bad way to go. However, i have this bagless and the thing is a beast. I have an Australian Shepherd and it just pull the hair from the rug so well. Easy to clean. easy to maintain the filter. So am I missing something or do i just have one of the better bagless ones?