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How old was your wife when she started to take hormones? Is there an age limit to take them in order for the changes to be better? Does your wife consider herself as a very feminine woman? Can you elaborate on the feeling of uncomfort she felt in her "man body"?

I'm still trying to understand transgenders. I hope none of these questions are offensive to you or your wife. Thanks :)

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Do you get lightheaded when you sing in head voice the really high notes ? That used to happen to me.

Also what is the most beautiful piece ever written in your opinion ?

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Thank you!

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Do you do crop rotation? In this case, what is the best combination with cotton?

(FYI I study agronomy (but in Canada) so that's why my questions are oddly specific and I am oddly ignorant).

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I don't know if you are still answering questions... I was wondering if you have any sort of cooperative between farmers where you can borrow machines? Did you visit other farms in other states, and how is the mentality (or management) out there different from where you live? Is there any supervision from agronomists or engineers regarding the management of your lands and cattle?

Thank you and have a nice day!