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What would be your opinion on a new cereal called leukemio's to spread awareness?

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It makes me worry when my first thought was "oh, that's it?"

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I don't see why not

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Then what should he have done? Tell the teachers and principal? he already did, get his parents to have a meeting with the teachers and principal? he already did, try to suffer through it? he did that for years. Move to a different town? that takes money and his parents finding new job(s).

I fully support beating the shit out of the bully as a last resort, the knife was included because he was clearly not going to win that fight otherwise, and then he only used the knife after being kicked in the balls and punched in the face, self defense. Did he go a little overboard? yeah, probably, but he got the job done.

I beat up my bully, I was smarter about it, but point is I was never bullied again, and that bully never bothered anyone again.

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I'm planning to get a Samsung 4S as my first phone, I'll have to have them order it in as it isn't available for in-store pickup will I be able to do so as long as I am there when it begins, or do I REALLY need to get in line early? if so, how early?

thank you for this AMA!