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You have to remember, Zach grew up with 1. ginger hair, 2. went to a very nerdy school, 3. his last name is Weiner, and 4. the worst, he had a notorious bowlcut for a very long time. He is the king of repressing embarassing things.

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Hehe, baby 80's shorts! Also, those clothes may be one of a kind because they came off the marketing pile o test crap.

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Hinge cut pre-dates toaster units at Subway. It's more about 1 cut versus 2 cuts holding up the line. Also the U cut holds more stuff. Dolla dolla bill y'all.

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Just use google man.

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If you get to see 4 more patients, and go home on time, and it only costs you the value of seeing 2 additional patients, bonus all the time every time.